Savor the Flavor

With the best ingredients, our distillery creates a wide variety of premium moonshine that captures the distinctive flavors of Michigan.

Everything Made in House

Yes, we mean everything.

From beginning to end, the entire production process is handled internally. From the mashing and fermentation of the grain to the distillation and aging of the spirit, we take great care in handcrafting our moonshine. In order to produce a product of the greatest caliber, we closely monitor each stage. We don’t stop there, either. Even the labeling and filling of each bottle are completed locally, giving us total control over the appearance and caliber of our finished product.

do you know your abc’s?

We are convinced that you will find the ideal spirit to fit your taste among our wide selection of distinctive moonshine tastes, which also includes traditional favorites like apple pie, blueberry, and cinnamon. We are committed to making sure that every bottle of Michigan moonshine is of the finest quality and flavor, starting with the distillation process and continuing through to the finished product. Visit our distillery to experience the distinction for yourself.

apple pie moonshine

blueberry moonshine

cinnamon moonshine

did we mention we have food?

Shine makes us hungry.

We are delighted to provide more than just high-quality distilled spirits at Michigan Moonshine. Delicious BBQ prepared in-house using the finest regional ingredients is available. Every dish on our menu is as tasty as our moonshine because we are dedicated to using only the best, locally sourced products.

music venue 10

Introducing live music & Trivia Nights!

Elevate your evenings with Michigan Moonshine’s live music nights. Our distillery turns into a vibrant venue, featuring an array of talented musicians that provide the perfect backdrop for our handcrafted moonshine. While our live music is on Thursday nights, we’ve got something special brewing for the start of your week. Join us every Monday for an evening of brain-teasing trivia

Cocktails on the Rocks


The Shamrock

Peppermint Moonshine, Vanilla, and Cream Topped with Whipped Cream and Gold Sprinkle

The Vintage

Moonshine, Blueberry, Citrus, Brown Sugar Syrup

The Shine Abides

Moonshine, Coffee Syrup, Cream, Vanilla

Moonshine Mule

Moonshine, Citrus Juice, Brown Sugar Syrup, and Ginger Beer (Served in a Copper Mug!)


Apple Pie Moonshine, Cranberry Juice, Topped with a splash of Sprite


Moonshine, Sour, Lime

Cherry Bomb With A Twist

Moonshine, Coke, Grenadine, Lime

Shine and Tonic with Juniper Bitters



Spicy Chicken and Waffles

Smoked Chicken, Habanero BobbyQ Sauce, Belgian Waffles, Honey Chipotle Syrup, Whipped Cream and Green Onions


Personal .....$8.00 Sub Brisket .....$10.00
1/2 Order .....$10.00 Sub Brisket .....$14.00
Full Order .....$16.00 Sub Brisket .....$20.00
Tortilla Chips, Choice of Smoked Meat, Homemade Cheese Sauce, BobbyQ Sauce, Shredded Lettuce, Fresh Pico de Gallo, and Jalapenos


White Corn Tortilla Chips served with Homemade Cheese Sauce and Pico de Gallo

Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Served with White Corn Tortilla Chip


Potato Chips served with Chef Bobby’s Bacon Cheddar Chip Dip

Basket of Kettle Chips – GF

Our Customer are pretty cool

Joe Nieusma
Joe Nieusma
We go from Grand Haven, MI to the closest Costco in Grandville, MI and absolutely have to eat lunch before shopping or we buy way too much there. We found a great spot - Michigan Moonshine. Awesome cuban sandwich and awesome brisket sandwich. We also tried the moonshine cocktails and were quite impressed. We were there when the train went by and got to partake in the "train-going-by-shot-special" too. Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere in a clean and family friendly spot. We will definitely go back when we have to shop Costco! Thanks for lunch and drinks!
Cory Berends
Cory Berends
I was a big fan of the apple moonshine
Makayla Monroe
Makayla Monroe
This place is great. It has a comfortable atmosphere and the staff are always very nice. My favorite thing here is the carnitas salad. Glad to have a place like this within walking distance of my home! :)
Old Andy
Old Andy
Some of the friendlier service people in the state I have yet to come across. Their professionalism and friendliness is absolutely appreciated.
Chase Hasper
Chase Hasper
*Update: they have new menus! Delicious food and some new alcohols. A great spot! $2 shots when a train goes by!* This is an amazing distillery making craft cocktails from their own distilled moonshine. Right in downtown Grandville, this is one of the few places to go for a higher-end mixed drink in the local area. All of their flavors are great, prices very reasonable, and the owners are very attentive. It can get a bit noisy during peak hours, but no worse than a typical bar downtown. There are also nice, clean bathrooms available. Michigan Moonshine offers something truly different and unique to the community.
Ronald Pease
Ronald Pease
Loved this place! Drinks were both delicious and creative adaptations of the classics. The food is no joke! I would say, highly recommend!
Kurt Feringa
Kurt Feringa
This place is a great time. The drinks are top notch and the smoked meat is sooo good! If you're lucky, the train will come by!